The Golf Course

Pine Isle: A World Class Golf Course

Golf Course

Developed in 1974 by Gary Player and John Kirby & Associates, the Golf Course at PineIsle is not just tricky, it is actually probably the most stunning and picturesque golf courses in Georgia you are likely to ever play.

How to play PineIsle

Golf Course

Course Guidelines

  • All play should start from #1 and #10 tees and/or as instructed by the golf shop
  • All yardage markers are measured to center of green.
  • Flag colors indicate hole position on green: Red - Front, White - Middle, Yellow - Back.
  • Proper golf attire must be worn at all times.
  • Personal coolers not permitted on golf course.
  • PineIsle is a soft spike facility.
  • The tempo of the play is going to be supervised by the golf shop.
  • To ensure enjoyment of all players, slow play is discouraged.